August 29, 2017

Family Classes

Dance Fusion Youth Academy is proud to offer dance and fitness classes for youth, teens and adults, dance with your family!



Contemporary 7:30 – 8:30 with Becca Vago


Tap 7:00 pm with Kayley Thompson

Hip Hop 7:00 pm with Tanner Clark/Becca Vago


Ballroom  7:00pm with Gabby Burrell


Zumba 6:00 pm with Lexi Kenrick

Barre Fitness 7 pm with Gabby Burrell

Jazz 7:30 pm with Yudi Jo


Beginning Tap 9:30 am with Renae Rochon

Intermediate Tap 10:30 am with Renae Rochon

Ballet 10:30 am – noon

Hip Hop Technique noon with Tanner Clark

Hip Hop Choreography 1 pm with Tanner Clark

Teen Hip Hop Choreography Crew 2 pm With Tanner Clark

10% off for the first family member
30% off for the second family member
50% off three or more family members

Dance Fusion Youth Academy