July 22, 2017

Classes and Prices

Welcome to Dance Fusion Youth Academy where your child can flourish in a stress free FUN environment where they learn to truly appreciate expression in motion and develop a passion and incredible skills for dance!!

Performance training and opportunities offered because your your child does not compete on stage, they PERFORM!

Intro to Dance
Your child will learn the basics of movement to music, basic dance steps and have FUN as well as be introduced to basic tumbling skills. Open to ages 3-5

Intro to Tap

Your child will learn the fundamentals of rhythm and develop skills of balance and body awareness during this amazingly fun art form and class!! Ages 4-6

Ballet basics and techniques will be the focus of this class. Children will be assessed for their level if they had prior training, classes are age appropriate and designed to accommodate all levels of experience and skill.

Musical Theater Tap
Tap basics will be taught and advanced into combinations and choreography. Technique, Rhythm, Improvisational and Musical Theater Tap will be introduced and explored by your child in the fun setting of Muscial Theater (Broadway Style) Tap.

Contemporary and Contemporary/Lyrical
Movement expression will be enhanced incorporating technique and choreography.  Your child will know freedom of expression through dance and have a great time.

Hip Hop
Style and grooves will be emphasized in this class which will teach your child the basics of this art form. Choreography will also be taught with attitude and FUN!

Musical Theater Jazz
Dancing, acting; your child can develop these well-rounded skills and gain an appreciation for the classic Musical Theater productions.

Classical Jazz
Learn the fundamentals of body movement in space as Jazz incorporates all forms of dance and is trending now….. 


At Dance Fusion Youth Academy, we believe that families should share a common passion.

Dance Fusion Adult Studio has 21 genres of group dance classes for adults (18 and up) for all levels of experience!

Technique, choreography and fitness. Performance troupes available.

Join us and party!  


Welcome to our Family Dance Program.

Family Dance
The following classes are available to you and your children as you learn together:

Hip Hop




**Israeli Folk Dance


** Separate Fees Apply.


Monthly Class Fees: Each class is 55 minutes long

1 class per week                             $65 per month

2 classes per week                        $125 per month

3 classes per week                        $175 per month

4 classes per week                        $220 per month

Unlimited classes per week     $300 per month

Drop In $20 per class

10% off the first sibling or family membert, 30% off the second sibling or family member, 50% off the third or more sibling or family member.

Come to our OPEN HOUSE on Saturday, August 10th, from 1:00 – 3:00 pm to meet the teachers.

If you register that day, you save the $35 registration fee.

**If you register for unlimited classes (3 or more classes per week), save 50% ($150 per month, regularly $300 per month)

**Advanced payment for the 4 month session applies. 


Dance Fusion Youth Academy