Dance Fusion Youth Academy

7601 E. Gray Rd. Ste B Scottsdale, AZ 85260 | (480) 625-3900

Provide a fun, safe, educational, non-competitive well-rounded dance instruction program for children ages 3-17 in a supportive community environment.

Teach basics of dance technique in a variety of styles, advance basics with practice and technique enhancement, encourage safe healthful self-expression, educate good habits of stretching and toning, foster sharing, cooperation and community in a judgement-free zone.

About us:
Dance Fusion Youth Academy was founded on the need for children’s dance technique instruction in a non-competitive environment. For those new to dance or those more experienced who wish not to compete, our program will allow dance as it was meant to be experienced; as art forms (not a merely a series of “tricks”) and as an avenue of self-expression.

Advancement is on an individual basis as the student is encouraged to improve without demands on timing and skill level. The classes will be designed to offer support and encouragement regardless of current skill.

With proper instruction from highly experienced teachers, your child will learn proper mechanics of many forms of dance. With the added safety of real maple sprung floors, your child will be confident that our floor absorbs most stress, and will feel comfortable advancing their skills and have a great time doing it.

Dance Fusion Youth Academy is owned and operated by Linda Simon, owner of Dance Fusion, LLC, a dance, fitness and yoga studio for adults. DFYA classes will be taught by the teachers of Dance Fusion, so be assured our teaching staff is already mom-tested, adult-approved.

Dance Fusion Youth Academy